2024 Budget Proposal and Meeting

Dear homeowners,

This is the proposed 2024 Kingsport Estates West Condominium Association budget. The Budget will become effective January 1st 2024.

Expense (Budget)(in $)
Bank Service Charges0
Insurance – General28000
Janitorial Services6500
Management Fees14652
Professional Fees2120
Repairs and Maintenance12000
Snow Removal13300
Income Tax Expense – Federal1000
Non-operating Contingency Fund28988
Total Expenses12580

This is what the monthly dues will be for 2024:

Unit 1A240
Unit 2A245
Unit 1B259
Unit 2B262

We are proposing a $10 monthly dues cost per unit to keep up with inflation and address the increased insurance cost. Insurance will continue to be more expensive for us until the roof claim drops two years from now. 

This will be discussed at our Association Meeting on Wednesday, November 15th 2023 at the Hanover Park Branch Library on Irving Park Road in Hanover Park at 7:00 p.m.

Please mark your calendars so you will be able to join us.



Board of Directors