Winter Newsletter

WIth 2023 coming to an end, we have a few announcements.

We held our election in November and we have some notable changes on our board. I’d like to introduce our new board members, LuAnn Meyer, Dory Drummond, and Rob Barrington. Our treasurer, Rita Walsh, will be stepping down from her position at the end of the year and Sue Kopp has retired from her position as secretary. I’d like to thank Rita and Sue for their many years volunteering for the board. Additionally, I’d like to welcome our new members and thank them for volunteering. 

As part of the member transition, our property management company will be handling more of the treasury and accounting responsibilities.

I would also like to congratulate our cleaner Dean on his retirement. He’s been with us for decades. We will be hiring a new cleaning company starting next year, so expect some new faces taking care of our maintenance.

In other news, we have our final budget approved and will be increasing our monthly dues, starting in January, 2024 by $10 per unit. The increase will cover our additional expenses and help us replenish our reserves following all our major construction projects.

This is what the monthly dues will be for 2024:

Unit 1A 240

Unit 2A 245

Unit 1B 259

Unit 2B 262

Finally, I’d like to let our homeowners know we no longer require you to clear your porches for winter. We just ask you to remain sensible about what you leave out and don’t turn it into an outdoor storage area. Also, please be diligent about bringing your trash bins in on pickup day. We do not want to issue fines over it, but will have to if people keep being lax on this responsibility.